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Emergency Response & DOT Compliance Checks

The United States Department Of Transportation (U.S. DOT) requirements under CFR 49 Transportation § 172.604 ”A person who offers a hazardous material for transportation must provide a 24-hour emergency response 800 hazmat number for use in the event of an emergency involving the hazardous material.“

Failing to comply can result in civil penalties and significant fines per incident
An emergency 800 hazmat number on your MSDS’s and Shipping documents, where emergency information can be provided in the event of incident with a hazardous material, is one of many requirements facing the needs of manufactures, transporters and employers having to meet the requirements for the Hazard Communication Standards. Hazmat Service Inc. provides the services you need to be in compliance with both the U.S. DOT and OSHA requirements.

24-hour emergency response 800 hazmat number violations are consistently one of the most common DOT occurrences.
The Department of Transportation stated that over 50% of Emergency Response numbers listed are out of compliance with 49 CFR §172.604. Emergency response numbers will be a point of emphasis in future DOT compliance checks. Fines for carriers operating without a proper 24 hour emergency response number may run up to $50,000.

Hazmat Service Emergency Communication Specialists begin a call by obtaining vital information: call back number, caller’s name, material identification, company affiliation, tracking numbers, incident location, on-scene conditions and incident details are examples of the types of information gathered.

The caller receives immediate guidance depending upon the circumstances of the incident. Should additional support be required, MSDS(s) will be sent via email or facsimile to the appropriate parties. In addition Hazmat Service will dispatch Hazmat Response Teams with client authorization. Upon concluding the call, the responder completes a detailed report documenting the incident. The report is then sent via facsimile, e-mail or telephone to your company appointed representative.

• Comply with U.S. DOT Hazardous Shipping Regulatory Requirements
• Comply to FAA and IMDG Shipping Regulations
• Improve Worker and/or Consumer Safety and Confidence
• Enhance Product Stewardship
In Addition to our Basic Emergency Phone and MSDS Access Programs, Hazmat Service can provide:
• 24 Hour Emergency Number on Product Labels
• Training modules to satisfy shipping, marking and handling Haz-Mat
• Comply with Federal OSHA “Right to Know” Requirements

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Press Release 8/23/2010 - US DOT Advisory Alert

The US Department Of Transportation (DOT), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and the COSTHA Air Carrier Roundtable would like to remind the hazardous materials community that effective October 1, 2009, the new packaging requirements for transporting cylinders containing compressed oxygen and other oxidizing gases and packages of chemical oxygen generators must be placed in rigid outer packagings that meet the specified flame penetration and thermal resistance requirements when transported aboard an aircraft.

For further information and list of qualified packaging companies contact: